Do Great Things® - Marcus Lemonis Video Audition

June 21, 2022 1 min read

Do Great Things® - Marcus Lemonis Video Audition

Do Great Things®

Do Great Things® is a positive winning mindset and culture that I have lived by my entire life. When Marcus Lemonis was casting for his reality TV show called "The Partner", my brother (William) and I created a video audition with big hopes and dreams of making it onto the show.

Unfortunately, I never received a phone call from the show. Who knows, maybe Marcus and crew had never even seen my video submission. It was a needle in a haystack situation anyway. Because if they would have seen it... my phone would have been ringing. At least that is what I believe (winning mindset!). 

Nevertheless, taking the opportunity to reflect / create a video on why I would be a great candidate was an incredibly fun time and led us to create a life message  put into one simple phrase, "Do Great Things".

I would still love to meet Marcus Lemonis one day. I admire his business success and his philosophy of the Three P's: People, Process, Product. This proves time and time again to be a winning formula for a successful business.

I hope you enjoy the video. It filmed on my iPhone in a single weekend in 2016.

We are all interconnected on this journey!

Start the Journey to Greatness today!



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